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Putting Down Roots: Sowing Into Our Future

Everyone loves a good God story, and here at City Central the Lord is writing a story that is really worth noting. In the late 90s, God was doing some distinct stuff in reaching young adults with the gospel, and that’s really where the roots of our church are founded.

Over the years in the early 2000s, He started to give us a heart for the city. We started to do evangelistic outreaches here in downtown Tacoma area and it culminated a few years later in about 2004 where He made a distinct call to us to move downtown to be in proximity for something great that He was going to do in Tacoma: a revival and a renewal.

And so, we sold all of our houses and we moved to downtown Tacoma and started learning for a number of years how to minister in the city in this different reality. 

Over the years, we’ve been growing and flourishing. We ended up in the 6th Avenue Baptist Church building about 7 years ago where we replanted City Central. We redefined our identity about who we are: reaching the lost, restoring the broken, and equipping the people of God. The Lord started to grow us and bless us.

In the turn of the year, on January 1st, 2019 I was asking the Lord, “What do you want to tell me? What do you want us to prepare for?”. He distinctly spoke to me and He said, “It’s time to start raising funds for a building that I’m going to bring to you.”

Many of you, in faith, stepped out with me and my family and started sowing into a future that we didn’t know was going to look like.

Today, I have some incredible news of an opportunity that’s placed before us. We’ve been walking through these doorways that the Lord has been opening and we have an opportunity here to start praying about a church that is one of the most iconic churches in all of Tacoma: a central location where 200,000 vehicles go by every day, right next to the Tacoma mall that would allow our community to grow and flourish for many years ahead. 

I have this invitation for you: would you join me and the elders and the staff to be praying? Would you be praying for God’s greatest wisdom to mark us, that we would discern His will, that we would be accompanied by faith to know what He is saying to us? And all of this knowing that, really, He has great things in store for us because the best is yet ahead.


Thank you for partnering with what God is doing in our community and our city.
We are believing God for big things!

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Goal $1.5 million raised by June 2022

People that have given compared to our target fundraise goal.

Campaign Goal: $1,500,000
Total: $1,164,453

Still to be Raised in 2021: $335,547

Building Campaign Updates

Fall 2019 – Started building campaign with a goal to raise $1.5MM

Winter 2019 – Reached $200k in total funds raised

Fall 2020 – Raised $230k in Matching Fund Drive

Spring 2021 – 50% raised of goal, we are half way!

June 2021 – Announced building we are pursuing. #JesusCaresAboutYou

August 1, 2021 – First services in our new home! New service times 9 + 11AM.