Knowing Freedom is about being released to know and reflect Christ in abundance.

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God has an incredible purpose for each of our lives, and Jesus has promised us abundant life and joy independent of our life circumstance. We can often lose sight of God’s promises and become weighed down with cares, defeat, past hurts, hopelessness, and other areas of sin that keep us in bondage. These hindrances steal our intimacy with Christ and the joy of our salvation. Freedom is about being released to love and serve Jesus wholeheartedly. Knowing Freedom is about becoming more like Jesus and reflecting His love and power to everyone around us. Freedom is not just about changing behavior, but about letting God change our very being. The goal of the class is not to learn new information that we can store away. The goal is transformation, and the time is now!

Live set free and unhindered, knowing who God is and who you were created to be.

Five-week Freedom 1 class.

Longing to be like Christ and in every way reflect His heart.

Give away what you have gained.

Come be unified to reflect the Bride of Christ.

Transformed Lives

During the prayer times I realized I got more confident in how God speaks to me. It was sooo much fun to get confirmations when others would say similar things as what I go. Also, the humility and Q&A session.

Kathryn D.

Freedom 1

I learned so much, especially on day 2 covering passivity because that's something I've struggled with. The prayer on day 2 was great, I left feeling so much lighter and free.

Faith L.

Freedom 2

I have been dominated by my thoughts and lies that became apart of me. It prevented me from fully moving on from past hurts. I am free, but also have the tools to continue to fight for freedom everyday.

Ezra M.

Freedom 1

Protection & Passivity restorition in my family and marriage. Strenghtening in my marriage. Broke the curse of death in my family! Layint the protection of my 3 kids at the alter. I can trust God will protect them and that He loves them more than I do.

Angela A.

Freedom 1

Learning how to forgive and move on has been huge in my marriage. I am so grateful for the Marriage Immersion. 10/10 I would recommend!!!!

Steve W.

Marriage Immersion

I have been walking with God for a while, but after this conference, I am finally surrendered to God.

Kellen W.

Freedom 2


Upcoming Immersions

Freedom Immersions are dynamic three day training courses designed to equip and restore the believer in Christ in a hands-on learning environment.

Freedom 1

April 21


April 21

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