I had given my life to Christ when I was 15 years old. But when I was older, my life began to unravel. I had trouble with my job and my marriage was crumbling. 2013 things got really bad, and I hit rock bottom. I was not a father, I was not what my children needed. I was contemplating suicide. My wife found out I was being unfaithful and she hit an all time low because of me. Then a guy at my unit spoke and suggested I read the Bible, he said he was sure the Father wanted to speak to me. I was desperate and contemplating suicide and an addict to the life I was living. For two weeks I couldn’t put the book down. But I was still living the same life, entertaining relationships and doing all of the things I knew I shouldn’t be doing.

One Saturday morning, my family was gone. I felt such a hopelessness that I had never felt before. I remember screaming to God where are you? Why are you hiding yourself. I heard a voice pick up your Bible open it and read. At that very moment, God gave me understanding like I had never had, how glorious he was and how dark and sinful I was. He didn’t wait for me to get clean on my own, he reached down from heaven and at that very moment I dropped to my knees and started crying and couldn’t stop crying. I got up and everything had changed, I was a new man, it just made sense. I wanted everyone to know what had happened to me. I closed my Facebook account and got off my phone and God freed me from all of my addictions. I know what joy is and his name is Jesus.