Young Adult Freedom Immersion

This is a Freedom Immersion designed for young adults ages 18-30 to experience life change by learning how to live free and wholeheartedly zealous for God. It is a weekend to discover who you are by learning about the freedom that comes only through Jesus Christ.

General Schedule & Cost

Dates of Immersion are September 23 + 24, 2022

Friday, September 23 (DAY 1):

6:30PM-7PM: DOORS OPEN! Registration Begins
7PM-7:30PM: Welcome & Corporate worship
7:30PM-8PM Teaching #1: What is Freedom? + Knowing Jesus
8PM-8:45PM: Teaching #2: Original Design
8:45PM-9:30PM: Original Design Prayer
9:30PM-10PM: Post Prayer Mingle

Saturday, September 24 (DAY 2):
8AM-8:30AM: Doors Open + Breakfast Bar Open
8:30AM-9:30AM: Corporate “soaking time” /bible time,
9:30AM-10:15AM: Teachings #3: Believers Authority
10:15AM-10:30AM: BREAK
10:30AM- 11AM: Teaching #4: Power is Forgiveness
11AM- 12PM: Teaching #5: Stronghold

1PM-1:45PM: Corporate Worship
1:45PM-2:45PM: Teaching #6: Injustice
2:45PM- 3PM: Immersion attendee Journaling time
3-4:30PM: Prayer Time (Stronghold + Injustices)
4:30PM-6:30PM: Dinner Break 6:30PM-7:30PM: Last Corporate worship
7:30PM-8:15PM: Teaching #7: Spiritual Warfare
8:15PM-9PM: Teaching #8: Walking in Freedom 9PM: End of Immersion

The Young Adult Immersion is $75 in cost, which covers the cost of admission and materials.

For more information, please contact Saemyi Lee by email at