Staff and Elders

Chris and Jena Hippe

Chris is the Lead Pastor and an Elder Chris and Jena are Freedom Immersion Directors chris@citycentral.org

Dennis and Debbie Gibson

Dennis is the Executive Pastor and an Elder dennis@citycentral.org

Brent and Amy Mapes

Brent is the Financial Director and is an Elder bmapes@citycentral.org

Darrin and Sue Miller

Darrin is the Young Adult Pastor and is an Elder dmiller@citycentral.org

Jason and Gretchen Bradley

Jason is the Worship Director jason@citycentral.org

Tony & Andrea Rhee

Kingdom Kids Directors

Rebekah and Reese Hentges

Rebekah is the Kids Prayer Room (KPR) Director

Jon Osterman

Youth Ministry Director josterman@citycentral.org

Jordan McCloud

Middle School Pastor jordan@citycentral.org

Stephanie Vanderlinda

Communications Director and Immersion Administrator stephanie@citycentral.org

Rochelle Watson

Kingdom Kids Administrator rochelle@citycentral.org

Rick and Karan Hirst

Rick is an Elder and Prayer Team Coordinator. Karan is Women’s Ministry Coordinator.

Eric and Carrie Jones

Eric and Carrie are Elders

Linnea Hargreaves

Church Administrator linnea@citycentral.org


Delaney McCall

Prayer Room Director delaney@citycentral.org

Adina Olson

Internship Director


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