We exist to create opportunities for students to meet with Jesus in an environment where they are loved, where they can sincerely come to know Jesus for themselves and for them to gain God’s heart for the world.

City Central youth ministry is passionate about encountering Jesus in Spirit and Truth. We are after life transformation.

6th-12th graders find us LIVE on our Instagram channel OR on YouTube.

Our ministry centers around three key values:


Intimacy with God is our primary purpose as His people. We are to know Him so that we can tell others about Him.  We want our youth to know how deep and wide the love of God for them is. Our leaders point students to the scriptures which allows them to know the depth of God’s love and how they can express their love for Him through prayer and worship. Intimacy with God is the key to helping youth find and hold onto their primary identity and purpose for their entire lives.


Our community is passionate about God’s desire to restore lives. We realize that more than ever before the lives of our young people are being challenged by competing values of our world, which intend to steal truth from them and build strongholds that keep them from experiencing abundant life through Christ. We teach our youth who God designed them to be, how to identify and correct injustice, and how to lead others through the process of freedom.


We want our youth to know that they are an integral part of the mission of God in the world today.  The truth that God is moving in an unprecedented way in this time in history is undeniable. We want our City Central students to understand that a lifetime of service to God and others is the way of the cross; it’s the way that they can usher in God’s Kingdom into their everyday lives.


Stephanie and Mark Kram Youth Pastors