I had $30.00 in my bank account and a yes from Jesus to go. Talk about feeling broken and unsure. E. Roley asked if I would travel with her to Korea to teach, preach and love on a group of students at a YWAM Base. A build-up of love started to rise up in my heart, love and anticipation of freedom started to build for these students that I had never met before. I knew I had go. Three years ago, somebody in Tacoma WA,  just like me, was given a choice to give both their time and finances; to fly across the United States to Upland, Indiana for the sake of the gospel being shared. For the sake of the one who needed to hear and see Jesus. One of those people in the crowd in Indiana was me, and my life has never looked the same.

There were so many unknowns in my mind about this trip to Korea. Unknowns such as, will I fit in culturally, to thoughts about the food. The most exciting unknown was how Jesus was going to reveal himself to the group of students in YWAM that He loved so much.

korea-03It took no time at all for Jesus to reveal His love. Through original design prayer E. and I asked The Lord how He created each student. It was the most beautiful part of our trip. Watching The Lord share with each student how he created them with artistic abilities, creativity, compassion for people, mothers and fathers Hearts. It was really fun partnering with Jesus as He showed the hearts of the students and the things He loved about them. Original Design prayer, opened up the time for deeper prayer on how The Lord was going to use them on the mission field and in The Kingdom. It was really amazing to watch The Lord use His love to them, to open up a time where many of the students for the first time forgave past abusers, forgave their selves and for the first time celebrating how God created them.

Korea most defiantly has a place in my heart. From the time we stepped off the plane we could feel the richness of the country. The Lord has truly designed Korea as a country and culture of abundance. A country of cheerful joy that genuinely flows through their hearts, a people ready to receive. I felt as if we were family and not a stranger in an unknown land.