Fresh from the Sri Lanka Mission Team:

Hello City Central family!

Greetings from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka! It is currently TOASTY but we are a happy team!

Just finished our first week of ministry and wanted to give you an update!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were picked up by the local missionary and her team for our first lunch and meeting. The next morning we did our briefing and language training. Before you’re too impressed, this basically means we know how to say “my name is” and “thanks.” Alas, we tried.

Then Friday morning we went to serve at the Community Concern outreach center. This tiny in size nonprofit organization is having huge impact in the Kingdom. This is my (Julie) fourth year here and I am still blown away every time they share what all they’re involved in. I had the chance to share at their staff devotionals and that was a true honor. These are champions and I respect them deeply. After that we had the chance to run the elder care program for about 50-60 senior citizens, mostly widows and all very, very poor. Most in the room do not yet know Jesus, but they sure heard about him on Friday! At church you may see Gary Gosselin running around cleaning toilets or handing out bulletins, but our brother can preach! He proclaimed the name of Jesus with power and force. It was incredible to watch. We once again had the chance to pray for the sick and saw many healed and led back to Jesus.

We got to see a lot of the sights in Colombo over the weekend and prepped for our VBS on Monday. This VBS is for elementary aged kids who all live in a beach slum nearby. Oh how I love these kids! Our theme was “Royalty” and our true inheritance as sons and daughters of the King. We also taught on the fruits of the Holy Spirit as marks of citizenship. These days were joyful and heartbreaking all at the same time. We were joined by a larger group of B**hist children from a local orphanage as well as several M*slim children who were fasting due to R*m*d*n. We were not permitted to pray for them directly for their own safety, but they heard the truth of Jesus and we are praying it “puts a rock in their shoe.” That however long from now, what they think they know won’t make sense anymore and the seeds that were planted this week will bear much fruit. You all would have been so proud of your team! Loving and serving generously!!

Then early this morning we left Colombo to begin our work at the girls home. I can tell I’m going to be in trouble in five days already as these sweet girls are simply incredible. When we arrived today, we saw all the new mattresses, sheets, etc that you all helped us procure!! And the bathroom renovation has begun!! Praise!!

Please pray for us this next week!! On Saturday, I’ve been asked to put on a concert for 100 local youth. Surprised much? 🙂 pray God uses our team to impact many for Jesus. We are in a mostly M*slim area during Ramadan so the air is a bit “thick” if you catch my drift. Pray for clarity and power.

We love you all very much! Thank you for supporting us!

Sri Lanka team: Julie, Malika, Korrie, Lynn, Bebhinn and Gary