Dominican_republic_flag-23 married couples, DC & Gretchen Carleton, Tapeh & Malika Godo, and Sank & Rochelle Watson are currently on a short-term mission to the Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic until June 7th. The trip was spearheaded by the Carleton after the Spirit spoke to DC on last year’s City Central Mexico mission trip. In DC’s words:
Last year during a City Central trip to serve at the YWAM base in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, I heard the Lord tell me very plainly that He wanted me to lead a mission trip in 2015, and that I would not feel one bit prepared for it, but that it was a step of faith He wanted me to take.  That was the craziest thing I’d ever heard Him say to me.
God began revealing the vision to DC and Gretchen over the subsequent months and specifically highlighted the Dominican Republic since DC had a connection to friend from college on full-time mission there. Alas, the vision came to fruition and the team is currently in the field doing a freedom training seminar for the staff of Caribbean Mountain Academy in Jarabacoa.
The academy is a place geared towards helping struggling teens coming out of rough situations. DC describes it as “a place where young people can have the opportunity to learn to appreciate the preciousness of others through serving those in a culture much different from the one they grew up in… [it] provides the perfect setting for them to take a step back and learn to appreciate what they have and gain a new perspective on God, relationships, and life.”
The Carletons and the team ask “that the Lord will customize our words to perfectly fit the needs of the community, for receptivity and spiritual breakthrough, and for supernatural stamina as we minister. Also, that we will all be free from the fear of wondering what we will say once we get there. This will be a first-time teaching experience for most of us. Pray for boldness and an outpouring of spiritual wisdom.”
The previous quotes information in this post was provided from the team before they left for their destination. We have since received an update from the field. From DC:
Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that we made it safely. It took us till now to get an internet connection figured out. The whole team is doing great. Our first teaching session on original design went great and people were very encouraged. Tapeh brought the Word of God about spiritual warfare and our authority in Christ at the church service today and it really moved many people to a greater understanding of who God is.
Please pray for a breakthrough in scepticism that more hearts will be hungry to be free of religious patterns.