The listen link has the last of all three teachings. Here is Part 1, and part 2.

This week, Pastor Chris discussed the Third Option for racial reconciliation with Pastor Harvey Drake from Emerald City Bible Fellowship. Pastor Harvey expressed how we often mistreat people because we don’t see them as the image of God. When we don’t see people the way God see them, it becomes easy to mistreat them. The reality is that we are mistreating Christ himself. We need God’s perspective on things, not our own. 

The third way starts with us having honest conversations, being committed to one another, and being courageous and steadfast in seeking the Lord’s heart for these difficult issues. The third option is a new way of communicating that can bring us together rather than push us apart. 

Discussion questions

  1. Why is it important to have a commitment to each other when having courageous questions about difficult issues?
  2. Have you felt discouraged by the world’s attempt to answer the racial reconciliation question?
  3. Pastor Harvey said we need to recognize the importance of our theology over our sociology. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  4. How important do you think it is to define and understand terms like racism, systemic racism, prejudice, and implicit bias? How would you define each?

Application questions

  1. How do you feel when hearing Pastor Chris say “we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable”?
  2. How does prejudice and implicit bias play a role in your life? Ask the Lord to speak truth and life into any of these areas.
  3. How can you practice having courageous conversations in your life this week?
  4. How can you actively press the third option forward in your daily life as you discuss Biblical racial reconciliation throughout this week?