Sermon Processing Questions:

Godly leadership serves sacrificially – Rom 12:1-2

o   Who are you serving on a regular basis?

o   How has it cost you and what is it costing you?

Godly leadership considers others above self – Phil 2

o   How do I put others first in my life? Give real examples

o   What selfish patterns do I need to give to the Lord?

Godly leadership loses life to truly find LIFE – the more I give myself away the more fulfilled I become in Christ.

o   What are some ways I have seen God fulfill me as I have sacrificed for others?

Godly leadership follows well – Follows God and follows other leaders well.

o   How do I willingly follow others? Or do I?

o   Ask leaders in your life if you follow well?

12 Entitlements:

1.Time: I have the right to dictate when things happen.

2. Comforts: I have the right to be comfortable.

3. Appearance: I have the right to look a certain way. Focus is outward approval.

4. Attention/Recognition: “Look at what I have done, and pat me on the back.”

5. Money: I have the right to a certain standard of living.

6. Service: I have the right to choose when, where, and how much I serve.

7. Inquiring of the Lord: I have the right to make decisions on my own.

8. Energy/Stamina: I have the right to refuse to obey the Lord when it falls outside my perceived limitations.

9. Perfection: I have the right to expect perfection from others.

10. Selective Obedience: I have the right to hold onto my rights.

11. Emotions: I have the right to live Biblically when I “feel” like it.

12. Reward: I have the right to be compensated for my obedience.