Our guest speaker for service on Mother’s Day was Candace Walker. Mother of 3 and wife of Damien, Candace shared from her own difficulties in Motherhood as a calling. She exhorted both new, and seasoned mothers, to press-in when the calling seems too big and the sacrifices too much. The backdrop for her message to mothers, and to all believers, was Moses’ prayer in Psalm 90, proclaiming God’s soverignty, acknowledging life’s difficuly and a learning a humbling lesson of how short our time is on the earth.

Candace gave us “3 Steps for Legacy-building” – 1. Orient your life by God’s Word, 2. Know where your strength comes from, and 3. Practice numbering your days that you might gain a heart of wisdom.

1. In Psalm 90:12, Moses is praying while in the wilderness. For years he’s been leading the Israelites toward the promised land, the days are hard and at this moment he takes stock of his life and seeks wisdom in “realizing the brevity of life.” Candace put it this way, “knowing God’s Word, who He is and what he’s called us to, is the difference between striving and thriving.” 
In what ways have you realized how short life is? Have you ever thought, like the Israelites, “Why can’t life just go back to the way it was?” How many summers, or anniversaries or years with your children are left before you pass into eternity? How will you make the most of your number of days?

2. At times, God’s calling on our life is difficult. It might be a season of active motherhood, or some other demanding work which requires putting other’s needs ahead of our own. Finding the strength to serve well can only come from one of two places: what we muster on our own, or our dependence on God’s strength. 
Why do you suppose we tend to rely on our own effort to fulfill God’s calling on our life? On the other hand, what has sustained you in a past season as you pursued your calling? 

3. In Philippians 3:12-14, the Apostle Paul challenges us to follow his example to, “…press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me….I press on to reach the end of the race, and receive the heavenly prize…” Candace put it this way, “God is interested in the integrity of our journey more than us getting to the destination.” Moses’ 40-year journey to the Promised Land was fraught with trouble, but he remained true to his calling by knowing God through His Word, His promises and His wisdom.
Ask the Lord, how am I putting into practice the art of living each day of my journey to the fullest? Share what committments you have made (or, will make) to keep scripture, prayer and sabbath rest the highest priority – knowing that God will give you strength to thrive in your pursuit of His calling.