I could easily write a book about the transformation and breakthrough that has happened in my life since becoming a part of the women’s ministry team. Serving alongside these powerful women of God has been an incredible privilege over the last few years. When asked to share specifically how it has changed my life, I struggled to narrow it down at first, but I believe it can all be pointed back to one thing – vulnerability.

I have never been a part of a community that is so real. In every area of my life I would come to a point where I felt I had maxed out on my ability to share the ugly parts of my heart. That I had to keep an image of perfection to one degree or another. That was of course until I stepped foot inside the doors here at City Central. But it wasn’t until I somehow mustered up the courage to say “I want to be in ministry” two years later that I really stared to walk in a new freedom I didn’t know was even possible to experience.

I never understood how important it was to be surrounded by an army of believers who will intercede on your behalf day and night. I never knew it was possible to overcome major differences and be unified as a team based solely on a mutual basis of faith in Jesus. I never would have believed that I could be 100% real and messy and ugly to a group of women and receive grace, encouragement, prayer, and friendship in return no matter what. Yet here I am telling you that all of those things (and more) are realities in my life.

Most profound I think is that through this team of women and the service we have done for the women here at City Central, I have for the first time in my life truly started getting to know the heart of my Heavenly Father. Not just hearing about it or reading about it, I genuinely *know* his heart now. Because of that I have experienced miraculous freedom from anxiety, depression, self-hatred, and so much more. Through women’s ministry and the grace of God my life has been transformed and is continuing to be transformed from glory to glory – something I am eternally grateful for.