Before I moved back to America the Lord asked me to give away my car in faith, promising that He would give me something better. As expected, I received the same car I had before, but a model that was newer by four years. It was the biggest blessing and I was so thankful that the Lord was, yet again, showing Himself as provider. 

Recently, I was in a car accident; I was t-boned, but was found at fault. Even at the scene I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover everything and I remember feeling so much fear over how I was going to pay for all the damages to my car. I went home in defeat and was anxious all night long. A few days later, when insurance told me I would have to accept liability, I was filled with anxiety once again on how I was going to financially handle the situation. Immediately the Lord so clearly told me “I’m your defender, I blessed you with this gift and I will fight for you.” 

I felt such a wave of peace wash over me in that moment.

Sure enough, a few days later a man called me. He very passionately said “your file came across my desk and I do not agree with the decision for you to claim responsibility. I’m going to fight for you and try to get it reversed.” I remember getting off the phone and crying because I knew someone was on my side.

In the week that followed the Lord showed Himself as faithful, as well as a true defender. Each day the insurance company would call and say that the percentage of damages I was responsible for was dropping. By the end of the week I had gone from $8000 in damages, to only $900, and my insurance rep issued me a check for the “inconvenience of being in an accident”.

I walked away from that experience reminded wholeheartedly that the Lord knows our needs before we know them, and He is ready to defend us in every circumstance that life throws at us.