My childhood is about as good as it gets. My two parents did a great job of showing me and my three siblings how much they loved us, while also teaching us to be responsible, kind, and to live like Jesus. I was one of those kids whose parents didn’t have to drag them to church. Ever since I made Jesus Lord of my life at age 4, I have loved every Kingdom Kids’ class I have been in and KPR (Kids Prayer Room) on Wednesday nights was equally amazing. All of these things helped me to know how much Jesus loves me and who I was made to be. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve known my original design. I was made to be forceful, a bearer of truth, a lover of people, a pursuer’s of faith, and courageous. But my biggest struggle was that despite all of this I still was really insecure, and fearful of what everybody thought of me.

In 6th grade I joined the youth group. That year, like all the other years, the youth group went to Winter Camp. I had heard stories of people crying on the floor, laughing uncontrollably, or meeting Jesus in a totally personal way. So I had high hopes going in. Guess what? I had my own moment. During one night session, worship was going and they had an altar call…” if you want more of Jesus come up here”. That night I got prayed for and even though I didn’t get the big crying moment, God met me. I just knew. I had felt the Lord near me and the feeling was like he was re-applying my original design. I hadn’t been aware that I wasn’t living in who God made me to be. When I went home it was weird because I could see a night and day difference in myself.  I was more confident at school, I was open about my faith, and I suddenly couldn’t not go to church. The biggest difference though was that insecurity was no longer the god it had been before. My confidence levels skyrocketed. Jesus is my lifeline at school, my extra push, and the reason I’m continuously smiling.