Before I went on the Jesus Club trip to California, going to church for me wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. It was more of a social thing then it was a way for me to build relationship with the Lord. I didn’t go to Sunday service expecting to receive any big message, although I should have.

On our way to California, I was on the plane just wondering the true purpose for me going on this trip. In my head, I thought “ it’s a trip to California, why not”. So during one of the Jesus Club sessions, I learned a lot of new ideas for the upcoming school year, everyone at the conference was super nice and we met a lot of new people. The next night we were at the Convention Center where the conference was at the day before, Bethel worship was there. We went into the auditorium and there were so many people it was crazy. We sat down and they let everyone come up to the stage for worship. We ran up to the stage and at first it was how worship usually is for me, I was just rocking back and fourth and then I closed my eyes and started crying. As my eyes were closed I saw a vision of myself, I was traveling the world as a missionary uplifting people’s spirits and just showing small acts of kindness and being the best me I possibly could. I opened my eyes and realized it was Jesus speaking through me and revealing himself within me. After worship that night we were getting ready to leave and I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. I didn’t know what it was, we went and got some food and I asked Stephanie what this feeling was. She said It’s called being drunk in the Holy Spirit. That night I opened my bible and just started reading, I felt so much peace and I felt such a warm feeling inside. I loved it.

Being back home after the trip was amazing, I felt so much more happy in my own home I wanted everyone around me to feel what I felt that night during worship. I’m no longer scared for my future because I know that the lord will fulfill his purpose for me, and his love endures forever.