Growing up, praise and worship was constant in my life.  It was the backdrop to my day, it was my favorite part of Sunday morning service, it was the ministry I was most involved in when I was in high school.

And then, when I went off on my own and I was no longer under the gaze of my parents, of my church, of anyone that could hold me accountable, I did whatever what I wanted.  Much like another wayward son in the Bible, I ran away and didn’t look back, and it was the start of many big mistakes.  

And yet, in all those years I ignored God or chose to do my own thing, I couldn’t shake my love for praising Him.  I knew that it wasn’t an accident that I had been a part of a family of worship leaders.  As much as I wanted to shirk my worship ministry because I felt unworthy, I couldn’t shake the calling.  

Fast forward to many years later and God decided to reward me with the second biggest gift next to salvation by letting me meet and marry my wife Jessica. Because we moved several times we also had to try out several different churches, and none of them just seemed to fit.  

It was sometime during the later part of 2017 that Jessica told me about church she had found online and started attending. She told me that the congregation were warm and genuine, the teaching was powerful, and the part that really piqued my interest was…”they get into the worship.”

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be able to say that City Central Church is our home.  And I am back where I started, participating in the praise and worship team in the ways God has given me.  And whether I am on the stage or in the pews when the music plays, either way I am truly blessed, because we don’t just worship…we WORSHIP!